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Video creation, video editing, live streaming, and multimedia services are all offered by Skorynko Media Group. We work with a wide range of clients, from businesses & government organizations to individuals, to help achieve their objectives through video.

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Why Video Is Important

Video is a powerful tool that will provide your business with the most return on investment. Because of the mobile first world we're living in, it's important to meet potential customers where they already are, and in the media that they prefer. A video is more likely to lead to a conversion or more sales, simply because that's the preferred way for consumption of information now a days.

Your business can take advantage of many platforms and means of sharing video to share your brand to try and convert more customers. Google, the #1 search engine, loves video just as much as customers do. With platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok there's a path to success with new videos from businesses just like yours to succeed in our mobile first world.

info graphic, time spend on websites increases by 2.6x if there is a website over a website without a video

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videos that promote your brand

It’s important that the videos you're creating are being catered to both your current customer base, but also inviting and capturing prospective business.

Because each platform attracts a different type of audience, it's important to cater to the audience’s unique interests and usage habits, while simultaneously staying true to your brand's identity and goals. We work with your brand to develop a seamless marketing strategy that promotes your business across several online platforms, while creating high-quality videos that stand out and convert.

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