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Skorynko Media Group, LLC works with Uncharted Learning, NFP, a non-profit education program to bring awareness to the program and create materials that could be used for current & Future marketing needs to grow the entrepreneurial education programs offered by Uncharted Learning, NFP.

Our services always receive a 5-star rating and include various services, such as filming events, creating social media / promotional videos, and editing videos to work with new marketing campaigns. In addition, we work closely with Uncharted Learning, NFP, to ensure that each video project meets the organization's goals and helps to promote its programs effectively.

"Dominik and his team deliver! They are thoughtful and thorough from briefing through to post-production and added lots of value to the creative process."

Margot Cidulka, Director of Marketing at Uncharted Learning, NFP

Uncharted Learning, NFP has been utilizing Skorynko Media Group's full service video production and hourly editing services to complete their projects with great success. By taking advantage of our comprehensive offering of video production services, Uncharted Learning, NFP has been able to create high-quality promotional materials that effectively communicate their message and help to grow their programs.

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