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Starting with the website redesign from the outdated look and functionality, the new modern design shows off the modern and technical brand. The website redesign includes a two new blogs to improve website SEO, KCS Wizard is a blog control by the staff with important industry news. Cyber Safety is a blog that covers best practices and educational material that will help ensure individuals stay safe and knowledgeable online. Beyond the website, photography and design services were provided to create new updated marketing material for both digital and print marketing.

With this brand refresh KCS Computer Technology finally looks the part with their new easy to navigate and constantly updating website which helps with the user experience and search engine optimization.

"KCS Computer Technology Inc. has had a web presence since the 90s and has worked with many web programmers. Dominik Skorynko has been, by far the most innovative and proactive programmer/manager we have worked with. He's been integral to KCS’s growing success."

— Ken, President | KCS Computer Technology Inc.
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