Knowing Your Website Needs

Before anything else, consider your website's purpose. It's helpful to know what type of information you're trying to provide to visitors. What's the purpose of your company's website? What are you trying to sell, what are you trying to sell as services, and what types of information are you trying to provide? You can easily narrow down the information you need by looking at these main points and figuring out what you want visitors to learn. Once you know your purpose, you need to consider how the website should perform. Your website will operate best if it's mobile responsive and easy to navigate and easy to follow. What are the main things people are likely to click on and what is the main content they want to see?

If you're doing it yourself, or you're interested in working with Skorynko Media Group, here's a free download to a checklist that will help guide your vision for the website, and will ensure you have something to look at when you're working on any changes in the future or content ideas for the website itself.


In addition to a sheet to fill out your vision and write down thoughts for your new website, there's a small checklist on the bottom so you can review and ensure that you have some key objectives met before you publish your website so you don't have to keep revisiting and making sure these key website development principals are integrated on your website.


Consider a DIY Approach

Many different web design companies can provide your small business with a better web presence and your business can easily have a new website design within a matter of weeks or even days. You need to consider not only the design, but you should consider the software that will be used to build the website and how it works. It's important that you find a website that works with your business and not against it.

Options if you’d like to take care of the design and development yourself:

A template-based approach will provide the easiest and fastest website creation, but this will make it harder to stand out from the other websites using the same templates. Another perk of using a website builder is the ease of use, you don't need to know code, you just type your text and choose your images. This is a great choice for simple websites but can cause issues when trying to implement stronger SEO foundations and choosing a creative approach to your content and how it's displayed to your users. These website platforms are typically ready for the web, with a flexible design approach that works on desktop and mobile.


Consider How a Creative Agency Can Help

Going with a specialized website design agency like Skorynko Media Group, you’ll be able to find the freedom to not worry about constantly updating your website templates, plugins, or worry about hosting. At Skorynko Media Group we offer full-service design, development, and hosting for all our clients' websites.

For small businesses, it might not be cost-effective to hire an in-house creative director, because you must consider time in addition to money. But what if you had a creative agency that does it all for you? When you hire a creative agency, you won’t have to worry about time or costs, because you know how much you must pay, and what you’re getting in return. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, you want to position yourself as a quality company. A well-designed website and layout will keep visitors coming back to you for more, everything on your website and online will match your brand identity and goals for a clear message across the board.

In addition to design and content, creative agencies like Skorynko Media Group are there for you when you need creative and marketing services. Our professionals are specialized in photography, videography, website development, and marketing. You know you’re in good hands when you don’t have to constantly keep looking for someone to help you, because we’re a one-stop-shop for all creative services, and if we can’t help you, we know someone that will. Focus more on growing your business, and our monthly maintenance checks by default and updates as easy as an email to our creatives and your website are up-to-date with the latest details and features you wish to have.