10 | Peace on Earth

Early Bird (Limited Edition 1)

10 | Peace on Earth

About NFT

"Peace on Earth" (10 out of 18) limited edition NFTs which are authentication tokens to access non-public content from Skorynko Media Group. As part of the Early Bird Edition, owners of this NFT will be able to redeem future perks as they're released. (Process in development)

Early Bird Perks

- 10% of initial sale goes towards World Wildlife Fund

- Access to exclusive Skorynko Media Group LLC content (Early Access, Resources, Special Pricing, TBD)

- Free access to future Airdrops

- More Perks TBD

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Skorynko Media Group LLC will do its best to ensure that NFT perks are delivered. Skorynko Media Group LLC hold final decisions on whether Perks are delivered and reserves the rights to disallow access to special offers these Non-Fungible Tokens offer.

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